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How to Remove Win Scan – Get Rid of Win Scan Spyware, It’s a Fake Scanner!

If you’ve got a strange new program installed on your computer named Win Scan, then you’re in for some bad news; you’re infected with what is being described as some of the worst spyware of 2011. This virus is yet another in the long line of fake computer optimization software. It blocks your legitimate programs, hijacks your searches, and tries to trick you into purchasing a ‘full version’. If you do so, you’ll be giving your credit card information to hackers and putting yourself at risk of identity theft. This is why we must remove Win Scan as quickly as possible.
If you’re wondering how you installed a program like this onto your computer, it is usually done in a select few different ways. The virus installs itself without your knowing via a Trojan, frequently via social networks, twitter links, and e-mail attachments. It is currently more important than ever to have active protection against the plethora of viruses and spyware that is online, constantly trying to harvest your personal and financial data.
Some examples of warning messages that will show you that you’re infected with the virus are: “Windows detected a hard drive problem. A hard drive error occurred while starting the application,” or “Windows – No Disk, Exception Processing Message 0? 0000013,” or “Critical Error. A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.”
Don’t fall for the fake alerts and the fake system scans. The hackers just want you to cough up your credit card and steal your information. We can’t let them win. We have to uninstall Win Scan and all viruses like it to keep our private information safe.
To get rid of Win Scan, one can either do so automatically or manually. The manual removal method is only recommended for advanced PC users, due to the fact that one registry mistake can result in a PC that no longer functions correctly, and can result in fees of hundreds of dollars to get fixed. Having said that, if you are an expert, then you will need to remove the registry values littered by the virus, located in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry folder. Then you will remove related DLL and LNK files, delete related folders and files, and finally stop the exe task from running.
Automatic removal is faster, easier, and safer. I choose it and I recommend it to clients and friends. The software that I use is lightweight, fast, and most importantly, actively protects the user’s PC against all future viruses. No longer do you need to surf the internet and download attachments with a fear of what virus you might be installing.
So are you sick of spyware and viruses threatening your personal and financial data? Remove Win Scan today and regain both your peace of mind and your clean PC!