System Defragmenter Virus Removal on Windows Vista and 7 – How To Get Rid Of This Fake Virus

“System Defragmenter” is a rogue security application which has been recently released onto Windows computers by hackers trying to get you to buy the full version of the program, as well as to steal your personal information. Even though this program has been created to look as legitimate as possible, it’s actually a fake and needs to be removed as quickly and effectively as possible. This tutorial is going to show you how to completely remove the System Defragmenter virus from your computer for good.
This infection is what’s commonly known as a “malware” (standing for malicious software) virus – meaning that it will place a fake program onto your system and then use that tool to try and get you to perform a number of other activities. This type of fake application virus is becoming incredibly common and works by infecting your PC from the likes of a rogue email attachment, fake website or infected download. To get rid of the infection, you basically need to be able to remove all the files and settings which allow the infection to operate. This can be done by either deleting the files it has manually, or by using a reliable removal program to get rid of it for you.
Removing System Defragmenter should be done in 2 steps – the first is to actually stop the program from running, and the second is to remove all its files and settings from your PC. An important note you should make about this infection is the way it will continually install a large number of restoration files into the likes of your “Windows” folder and other important locations on your system. This basically means that if you don’t remove the virus properly the first time around, it will load itself back up when you restart. This means that getting rid of all the files and settings it uses to run should be the top priority for its removal.
This virus will install itself into this folder of your PC:
The best way to get rid of this infection is to use what’s known as a “malware removal program” to scan through your PC and get rid of all the infected parts of the virus. Malware removal tools are software applications which are able to identify and remove all parts of a malware infection, such as System Defragmenter, and remove it completely. We’ve been using the “XoftSpy” application to get rid of this virus – this is a leading software program designed by a large Canadian company who have been updating this tool to help it get rid of all the infections your system may have. You can use XoftSpy by downloading it to your PC, installing it and then letting it get rid of any of the infected files / settings that your system may have.